Let us here at Redwood Yoga, take you to a time and space that is just for you. A moment of peace and tranquility to rest and restore.

Through asana, meditation and pranayama we create a practice for the body, mind and soul. Yoga is one of the only forms of exercise that works the entire body, building strength, stability and resilience. We help all our students feel the benefits of yoga, both physical and mental, to help them lift their mood, boost their energy and reach their goals.

Our classes are friendly and are not only a chance to come to your mat for some well deserved me-time, but also an opportunity to meet new people, laugh and smile. Community is at our heart and we love watching students grow on their own yoga journeys.

Helping you find time that is just for you…

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Personalised Yoga Programmes!

Are you bored of scrolling through YouTube to find the perfect yoga practice? Do you want a yoga sequence that you know is helping you work towards your specific fitness and wellness goals?

Then look no further than our personalised yoga programmes . We will create a custom yoga sequence to your specifications, ensuring there is the right blend of flexibility training, strength training, mindfulness and meditation.

We love helping individuals find time for themselves and to reach their goals in life. Our programmes include an initial consultation call where we get to know YOU. We’ll help you fit yoga into your daily life so that you can effortlessly enjoy time on your mat.

There are a variety of programmes to suit all lifestyles and purse strings so if you want to enjoy more of the benefits of yoga then contact us today.

We want to go beyond the mainstream yoga classes here are Redwood Yoga. We always include relaxation and mindfulness into our practices. We tailor each practice to suit the abilities of the group, but also the individual needs of our students. You can be assured that you will feel included in our classes, no matter your experience or physical health. Learn more about how we make our classes accessible for all.

Hatha yoga is slow paced and gentle. We spend between 5-8 breaths in each yoga pose before slowly moving to the next. This makes it perfect for beginners or those with injuries. Yoga is prefect for rehabilitation and compliments other forms of exercise. Whether you suffer from back pain or want to improve your flexibility, we can help you.

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Yoga is one of the safest forms of exercise during pregnancy and post-birth. It helps to ease tension, prepare the body and mind for birth and prevents injury. Our Mums with Mats classes are exclusively for ladies who are pregnant or have had a baby. Our classes provide that extra TLC that mothers need, listening to their individual needs and helping them find time for self-care. You can learn more about our prenatal and postnatal classes here.